This Warranty Policy covers all Two / Three / Four Wheeler Tyres & Tubes manufactured by TEDA TECHNOLOGY DEVELOPMENT CO.,LTD, Mysore, under the brand name TEDA TYRE;TONGYING.

This includes OEM tyres also.

All Tyres & Tubes shall be covered under Warranty for manufacturing defects only.

Tyres will be covered for manufacturing defects for a period of 4 (four) years from date of manufacturing or upto the pattern smooth stage, whichever occurs earlier.

Tyres with other manufacturing defects are replaceable under Warranty based on pro-rata.

Tubes are covered under Warranty for a period of 2 (two) years from the date of manufacturing only.

Tyres and Tubes under Warranty shall be inspected by TEDA’s authorized personnel and the verdict given by him will be final (whether adjustable or not adjustable) in all respects.

Compensation for Tyres accepted by our company as having manufacturing defect shall be done considering pro-rata usage basis.

Customers / Dealers need to send Tyres and Tubes under claim to the nearest Sales Depot of our company on freight paid basis. Replacement tyres / tubes will be charged on pro-rata wear basis.

All items that would be sent under claim should be accompanied with a covering letter from Dealer, stating Customer’s name, Date of Sale, Chassis Number, Vehicle Model, Kms. covered, nature of failure.

It is advisable to mark the defective area of the Tyre and Tube with crayon by customers (for easy inspection by the Service personnel).

Motorcycle tyres detected with a wobbling complaint and having run less than 3000 kms. ONLY will be replaced on pro-rata basis. More than 3000 kms. will not be entertained.

Tyre damaged due to external object, for example: Cuts on tread, Sidewall or any other abuse and with manufacturing defect will not be replaced under Warranty.

Tubes that are found to have failed at the splice area or at the Valve base are replaceable on FOC basis if sent alone (without tyres).

Repaired Tube / Punctured Tube will not be considered under claim.

Tube seated just below the WELL of rim contour may get creased and pinched circumferentially, if the rim tape is not seated properly or dislocated from the WELL. Such failure of tube will not be considered under claim.

In the event of puncture / leakage, the nut on the valve stem need to be loosened and valve pushed inside to allow the tube to float inside the tyre. If this is not done, the tube gets sheared off. Such tube will not be replaced under claim.